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Hey Guys,

welcome to my website. I was born and raised in a tiny little town called Hemsbach in Baden Württemberg and i currently reside in the beautiful and chaotic capital of Germany, Berlin. After graduating as a physiotherapist, I moved to Australia in 2012, where I started taking pictures of food, coffee, hotels, restaurants and worked a lot of collabs with big brands and agencies. Biten by a travel-bug i started traveling through South East Asia, including China, India and Sri Lanka, parts of Europe and the UAE before moving to London, where i lived and worked as an social media expert and photographer for different agencies, before moving back to Germany, where i now work as an freelance photographer and content creator. In my spare time i am always trying to perfect the best brew at home and enjoying the purposes of living in a big city .

Thanks for taking your time to have a look through my portfolio. For any questions, further information or collaboration request drop me a line via hello@movingshades.de or just down below.

All the best

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