New Zealand - a trip of a lifetime w/ Spaceships Rentals (sponsored)


I have traveled quite a bit so far.. ( but for sure not enough yet) and after Australia, India and SEA i thought i’ve seen quite a bit the beauty of nature but one of the most beautiful places i’ve visited was definitely New Zealand.


Such an unforgettable and untouched piece of Earth. Endless roads with mountains higher i’ve ever imagined, lakes as blue i’ve never seen and the friendliness of people i’ve never met before - just a few words of how i would describe our trip through the land of Kiwis.

I won’t write a lot in this post - pictures always say more than a thousand words could ever describe - but let me tell you one thing - if you should ever plan a trip - plan ahead and always be spontaneous.

selfmade breaky on our way to MT Cook

One thing we knew before , we definitely wanted to travel by Van. Can you imagine waking up by the sound of the ocean, making fresh delicious coffee at the back of your camper and having breakfast in the rising sun on an empty beach? 3 Weeks wasn’t enough time to buy, travel and sell a camper van - so we knew we will need a good camper van company . I browsed the internet and there are so many different companies saying they are the best - but we came across one with i think the best offer for value.
SPACESHIPSRENTAL !! Such cool, big and spacious Vans which are everything you will need for a trip through NZ. I chatted with Martijn (one of the Intergalactic Digi Geek of Spaceships Rentals) and we knew for sure we will be happy with their offer.

We also had quite specific plans - 3 weeks of traveling - pick up in Auckland and drop off in Christchurch - unlimited kilometres - ferry booking and we needed a camper as fast as a car with space for traveling and sleeping , we also wanted a fridge - a loading dock (usb) for our gear and a sink where we can wash all our dirty kitchen equipment after cooking some delicious food in the most beautiful spots of New Zealand.

So we went on there WEBSITE and we found our perfect match - The Dream Sleeper Mini ! So we went online - booked it and the Adventure could start… where we went and what we have seen, will be on the Blog very soon!

So just to let you know. If you should ever want to travel by Van through NZ , Australia or the UK - definitely recommend checking out SPACESHIPS RENTALS !

Over and Out,